Adding a su 2015 item in a su 2017 session

I am trying to make a plan for my grandparents for a part of their house that they asked, the problem is that I didn’t look twice on which SketchUp version I launched and ended up making a fairly big part of it in the 2015 version, no problem here but than I wanted to add plants to show more where things where and how to look at them. Anyways, now I’m stuck with a mixed session that I’m pretty sure I’ll loose if I close it, because when I try to save I get an error that pops up. So now I came here to find help to be able to save and be able to open the thing I made.
Thanks in advance.

Have I got this right, Part of the model is in the 2015 version and another part is in the 2017 version?

You are probably talking of mixed files, not sessions. You can always import or insert files from skp2015 format into SketchUp 2017 (or any newer version, but not vice versa).

The more important problem to solve is that you first need to be able to save the files. When you got the error, did you click it away or think about what it means? Can you post a screenshot because this is the information to solve the problem?

yes you are right.

this is the pop up i get when i try to save.

I also tried to copy what i did to another 2017 session, managed to save but than when opening it it says that one part is in the 2015 version and the other is in the 2017 version.

A message is not necessarily an error. If you imprecisely categorize things you might create new problems that aren’t there.

Usually a validity check checks validity and fixes the problems if possible. Usually it does not prevent saving. Did you look in your file manager whether the expected file has been created? If it is not there or has a zero size or does not contain all the model, then it is an error.

Usually when you open an older file (skp2015) in a newer version of the program, it displays a warning information that if the user saves in default format (skp2017 instead of selecting skp2015 in the dropdown) the file cannot be opened in SketchUp 2015 anymore. This is not an error message and should not prevent opening the file. If the file is not being opened, then there is an error.

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