Adding A Search Option on SketchUp

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Sketchup and trying to figure if there is any way I could add a search option in sketch up. For example, let say I am creating a product with multiple layers such as doors, stair etc. So instead of manually looking throughout the list, is there a way I can create a search function that enables me to search for everything such as layers created within the product. Kinda like a search engine that produces results based on the condition inputted in the search box.

Currently, the only ‘search’ function for your model is in Outliner.
If you name your Objects (Groups/Components) you can filter them there. (Check the trays) Use some sort of naming system and you will be good to go.

Thank you for your quick response, but is there another alternative, especially that would work with a viewer

You mean that the search or filter result is visible in the model?
That would need a ‘Show Only’ or ‘Show selected’ option, which is’t there (yet?)
You can in the 3D viewer when uploaded in Trimble Connect:
Hoover over the list of objects and have each object ‘Selected’

Not really! An example of what I am looking for is the following.
Lets say, I am sketching a mall. A mall consists of multiple stores with numbers. Hence, instead of browsing through the list of layers, I would like to search the room number(eg. #56) in a search box and the result would highlight the room #56.
Hope this makes sense

There are no layers in SketchUp to search.

Make each room a named group containing the contents so #56 could be filtered for in Outliner. Or as Mike says, in the 3D Viewer in Trimble Connect.

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Hello all,
Is there away to get a search function in Sketchup to find any function/plugin/tool hidden within the soft AND/OR any layer/compo/group/material used in the model?
A bit like the way Allegorithmic Substance works (hit space and type the name of the function and voila).
It would be very handy, mostly for plugins, as they tend to be scattered randomly between Tools and Extensions, sometimes according to the author name, sometimes not.
Besides, there are some functions hidden from the menu, only accessible through key shortcuts.

The closest to this feature is AERILIUS’ LaunchUp, but it should be integrated in the code, not a plugin.