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I’m new to Sketchup, so please forgive me if this is a silly question…I’ve built this corner hallway table, but I had trouble with the middle since I couldn’t push/pull the shape as easily because it didn’t have the 90 degree on the outside.

So I worked around it, but now I need a face and connecting the lines isn’t doing the trick…Help! Advice?


Can you share the SKP file?

Very likely the edges surrounding the hole are not coplanar. If you draw a diagonal line between opposite corners, do you get two triangular faces?


Hallway Table v3.skp (192.2 KB)

It appears the measurements are off a 1/16 corner to corner…so that is why it will not close?


You could bend a piece of plywood that much without any problem but SketchUp’s not that sloppy.

The guideline is parallel to the bottom edge of the opening and meets the nearest horizontal line at the opposite end.

How are you planning to use this model? Do you just want to fill in the faces so they look OK or do you need to develop a construction plan?


I think I know what you’re saying. I appreciate all the help.

And I just need this as proof of concept. Eventually I will need to perfect, but right now I just need a 3D model.


Would something like this do the job?

Hallway Table v3.skp (142.9 KB)


Pretty much. Thanks Dave! Did you whip that out from scratch or just clean up my mess? lol


A little of both. I copied the three outside top edges and one back face from your model. Then I used Follow Me to extrude it around the edges. A little cleanup in the back corner and then some cherry-colored paint.

One thing you want to make sure of is that you keep the blue back faces to the inside as you are modeling.


Ok, I’m pretty new to sketchup so I’m going to go through some tutorials. Then hopefully, this won’t happen again. Not sure what you meant about the blue back faces to the inside, but maybe I’ll learn that.

At any rate, thank you VERY much for your help!!


You see that faces have front and back sides. That comes into play for some tools like Push/.Pull. It also is important in 3D printing as well as rendering. Best thing since you’re starting out is to get in the habit of correcting face orientation so the blue back faces are inside of 3D shapes. Right click on the blue ones and choose Reverse faces. Don’t let them get out of hand. And hold off painting the faces with color/textures until you’ve got the faces all oriented correctly.


Ok, appreciate the advice! This has been very helpful and will continue to be. Have a great day!!


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