Add Tooltips with additional infos to the move cursor


I am just starting to get into Layout.
Dimensions give me a lot of headaches, especially when i need to adjust them.
There would be less headaches, if LO would give me mor infos (via tooltips) about what will be moved.
Eg. when i doubleclick a dimension, hovering over the connection point, i get the move cursor. A tooltip could now tell me “Move connection point”.
Without that info, i need to read the manual, to understand what’s happening. Or i experiment, until i get it.

Or, a more confusing case: After doubleklicking a dimension, click an extension line. Now, just that line is blue.Hovering over the far end of this extension line, i get the move cursor. I can move the extension line. Hovering over the near end (where the dimension line is), i get the move cursor again. Seems like i can move the (blue highlighted) extension line too… but oh no, i will move the dimension… Looking closer, i can see that the end of the other extension line, and the connection points, are highlighted too… I can move them too. A tooltip would make that much more intuitive. Show it together with the appearance of the move-cursor, hide it when i click.

Maybe the request could be generalized to
Add Tooltips with additional infos about what action a tool will perform upon clicking


No, tooltips are for tool names over buttons, and inference tips in the drawing area.

The information you wish is already displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the window.
Watch the information change as you change tools, or change selection of objects.


Sorry dan, if i am not precise enough for you… i use the word tooltip for a popup next to the mouse cursor. About as wikipedia defines it.

But please stay precise yourself:

No, i ask for the differentiation between “move connection point”, move extension line, move dimension line, etc…
Is that not clear from my post?

The status bar is less granular on the context…


I, of course, already know what a tooltip is.

OK, I’ll be more precise. When I said,

I meant “No, this is not a good idea, to add ANOTHER use for tooltips, …” and that a software developer should make a single good choice for the purpose of the mouse tooltips in the application workarea.

The SketchUp development team has already chosen that “tooltips are for tool names over buttons, and inference tips in the drawing area.”

I go on record, with the opinion that your request is a poor idea, and should not be considered with respect to the use of tooltips.

HOWEVER, you can make a good case that the instructions in the status bar, are not giving enough information, when certain objects are selected.

So, I would encourage you to file requests toward improving the help text that appears on the status bar.