Add stripes to existing car-model

Hello there all,

I wonder if it is possible to do the following:

In The Netherlands, all the Emergency Services have stripes, called “striping” at their car. They are blue and white and guide the traffic in case of an emergency. Please use this google image page as examples. All the ORANGE cars are Lifeguard-cars.

For my own lifeguard-cars, I also want to add the “striping” to the models. Although there is a huge “deviotion” between a flat surface and an curved door, I have no clue to do this.

As I want to create this on an excisting model, how can I do this?

I tried: Creating an item group, and than paste this. As you can see on the nose of the Land Rover, it does not go very wel…

I want to add it to these models . Can someone give me a start about this?


Don’t think about adding stripes as if you were applying tape to the surface of the real vehicle. Divide the surfaces of the door and the fender so you can paint the areas different colors. I set up an array of rectangles that are tilted at 45°. I made a component of the rectangles before moving the whole thing into place. That makes it easier to remove the rectangls when they’ve served their purpose.

Select the surfaces, right click and choose Intersect Faces>With Model.

Remove the rectangles. You’ll have edges dividing the surfaces.

Paint the stripes the appropriate color.

You really should get in the habit of using groups and components. They would make your model more efficient to work with.


You could also look at using the native Drape tool, or the rather special Super Drape by Tig. If I remember correctly both of these would require you to position your model so the stripes can be dropped on the faces you want.

You could make a stripe texture in a basic image editing program, then apply the texture to the surface. Whichever you prefer.

Hi there all!

With the help of you all (and especially @DaveR), I added the striping to the “square” ambulance. The result is in the print screen.

Thanks all!