Add sides to cilinder


I have an above ground pool I want to cover with wood placed vertical on a wooden frame. I drew a cilinder in Sketchup, with a diameter of 5,49m and a height of 1,38m. when I double click it, I see 25 vertical lines and 24 planes. When I put a frame on these planes, I use 4 by 6cm wood (6cm is the height, 4 the depth). When I put separate frames measuring 72 x 138cm on each plane, there is a gap of 1cm between two of those frames. When I put vertical hardwood planks on this frame ( 2,1 cm x 14,5cm x1,38m), I want gaps of about 0,5 between the planks, so the gap of 1 cm is too wide. I was thinking it might help when the amount of frames is higher than 24, because I think the gap between two frames will be less than 1cm.
But how can I add more frames and divide them evenly over the cilinder, and finally have a gap of 0,5cm?

Anyone an idea?

zwembad.skp (216.0 KB)

Start with a circle with more segments to extrude to a cilinder. Before extruding measure the segment length to see if it would lead to the desired smaller gap.

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Hi Tommy, can you quickly take a screen shot and up load of your design

Thanks for your answer, but I’m a Sketchup Newbee. How can I draw a circle with more segments?

One thing I see from your screen shot is that you are dragging out the radii of your circles in random directions. It would be better if you get in the habit of always dragging the radii out on axis.

Select the Circle tool and immediately type a new number sides. You’ll see it in the Measurements window before you click to set the center of the circle. Once the circle is drawn, if it’s still an option to change it, you can also edit the value in Entity Info with the circle selected.

Check out this site, great info and instruction The learning Center , put on by Sketchup.

Ok, thanks for the tips!

Another method might be to model one panel and rotate it around or figure out an approximate panel size and make it a component, rotate it around and then edit it, which will edit all instances. You can then trim off the parts to get the miter.