Add search & replace functionality to Tags, Components, Outliner

As my models get more complex, I find that I sometimes need to rethink my various naming schemes for Tags and Components. It’d be a gigantic productivity improvement to be able to do a global text search & replace for Tag and Component names. The minimum search and replace functionality would be to replace “abc” with “xyz” anywhere in the name. Full Grep regex advanced search and replace would be fantastic.


In addition to the original suggestion from @cobam747, I’d love the ability to select all entities with a specific tag, similar to the feature in Layout’s Layers. Of course, in a small model, I could simply change visibility on all except one tag. However, in a large model, clicking many tags to isolate one isn’t practical.

Maybe something like this?

Thanks @DaveR. Yep, that’s exactly the feature I wanted. And how long have I missed seeing it in SketchUp?

In SketchUp 2022, I see it’s called “Select > All with Same Tag”.

It was always there, except a bit of hidden and only work(ed)(s) in the current context.
You needed to select a face or edge, though…
What’s missing is an option to ‘View only’ or ‘Isolate LayerTag’, along with a way to organise groups in a way that isn’t dependant on nesting.

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