"Add Location" - question, not a venting thread


I’m trying to figure out if I have an issue with my installation of 2018 or if satellite images are currently working on other people’s installation.

I searched a few places before before posting…I did notice that there were improvements to “add location,” yet I get a generic blank map.



There may be something wrong with your install. Is it an official licensed copy? If so contact tech support as you should see a little layers icon in the upper right hand corner that toggles between map styles.


It works here too. The image quality is unusable, low resolution and taken at a low angle.


Thanks - I wanted to make sure mine was doing something weird before contacting them.
Yes, I have 6 pro copies for the office.


It’s working fine here too.

I have no knowledge of the cameras Digital Globe uses.
But I’m inclined to imagine they’re something like this.


DJI Phantom Kitty:


It must have just needed to be closed and re-opened.
Yeah, that’s as bad as I remember…but still slightly better help at scaling my google map than the road drawing.
I guess it didn’t get any better with 2018.


You’re not stuck with the poor quality image.
One good source for current, high quality imagery is your city or county GIS website.


Here in Dallas we have a good source, but still think Google Earth Pro has superior image quality.
Thanks for reminding me about that source.