“Add Location” gets sea level at minus 235’

I just used “Geo Location > Add Location” to get the contours for Point Molate, Richmond, CA. It shows sea level at minus 235 feet. Why is that? Doesn’t seem to make sense? Also, it displays poorly with the simple style showing sky above zero feet.
Attached is the file I’m working with.
PtMolate.skp (3.7 MB)

I think what you are seeing is that the plane of the “sea” is 235’ below the origin axes. The origin axes can be turned on and off under VIEW. The axes are placed at the center of your square of land in plan view, which happens to be 235’ above ground in the foothills of the Chevron refinery.

There is no reference to sea level elevation in SketchUp.
The geographic coordinates of a geo-located model coincide with SketchUp’s Origin [0,0,0]

If you want the ‘sea level’ in the location terrain model to coincide with the ground plane in SketchUp, then simply move the model up.