Add hover-effect to identifycurrent layer in layers-list

When switching layers on and off in the layers window, it is hard to see which layer you are on, when you hover over the checkboxes to toggle them on/off.
So i first click the layer to highlight it, and then i click the checkbox.

This would be easyer if there was a hover-effect on the current line, while hovering over it. EG. light-blue…

Is the arrow cursor so small you can’t see it?

It’s not about the cursor. It’s about the difficulty to identify over which checkbox you are, when the layers window is a bit wider. The layer name is on the far left end, the checkboxes right. So if the current row was highlighted on hover, this would be more obvious.

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I’m on Mac, but does the Windows UI not have the same grey-bar effect that I see?

No. It doesn’t. That could make it easier and faster than waiting for a message to pop up on hover.

That would seem like a very reasonable FR then (and one of the rare times the team did something right on Mac then missed the boat on Windows!).

I’d say hide the radio button and move the check box to the front next to the name.

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Of course, that (knowingly) feeds into the other can of worms about whether one should be allowed to make anything other than Layer0 active.

That’s why i say hide it, don’t get rid of it, but make it available to people once they know how to use it. It should be findable but not in your face making you think you need to use it.

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If there is no radio button in the list, then some other way would be needed to indicate the current layer.

On Windows, just highlighting (selecting) a layer does not change the active layer. This is because they need to be selected for changing properties (such as layer name) independent of choosing which is active.

The mac behavuour is whar i mean. Change the row background colour if the mouse cursor hovers it.

Is this forum being read by the developers, or is there another way to file requests?

to clarify, it is a click, not a hover event on the mac version…

and a shift click give the multi line selection…

and yes the staff do visit the forum, particularly if you ping them i.e. [ sorry @Barry ]


Ah yes. same on windows…
So the request would apply to all versions.

The Layers window is something that I feel could be improved a lot. It’s far too basic at present. It allows no nesting, for example. Nor is there any simple means of isolating a layer. I use an extension to manage layers that is better but still not great and I believe is no longer supported. Because it is not native, you cannot minimise the window like you can with other SU palettes.

This is the kind of thing that really impacts drafting efficiency so, on the basis that SU stands or falls on its simplicity and intuitiveness, it might need looking at.