Add footer to drawing with file name/path/date

Is there a way to add a footer to drawings with the file name, file path, date in the free version of Sketchup Make 2016?

Are you talking about adding text into the drawing space?

Drawings? What drawings? You’re dealing with a 3D object sitting on a vast field. There is no logical page associated with the model, hence there is no there is no page format, and no page-based elements like footers. Although drawing 2D shapes is part of the modeling process, it would be a misnomer to call the final product a “drawing,” particularly if you have formal drawing elements in mind, like Title block, borders, Rev block, approval block, and so forth.

You can place a piece of screen text (fixed location relative to screen; floats relative to model) and attempt to frame a view when you make a printout that will place the screen text in the page location you have in mind, but it’s far, far from wysiwyg, and there are no auto content codes, such as date, filename, page number, and so on.


Afterthought - It would be much easier and more accurate if you prepared a separate word processing document with a footer like you have in mind and then just run the paper output from SU through the printer a second time to drop in the footer.