Add both "Fractional" and "Decimal" Units to Sketchup

Is there anyway to have 2 measurement toolbars at once? With 1 showing the decimal measurement and 1 showing the fractional measurement?

This would be useful as I am adding many steel WF beams to my timber frame models. WF beams are listed in decimal units and timbers are fractional. I am currently doing some ‘modern’ style homes that have timbers packing-out the WF beams. When I want to model the WF beams I want to see decimal measurements, and when I put the timber pack outs in I want to see fractional measurements.

No. You can only have one and SketchUp will only show one units format at a time.

You can toggle between units, though. There’s a plugin at Sketchucation that makes that simple with a toolbar and you add keyboard shortcuts to activate the toggling.