Add a recess to a Follow me lathe

Hi Guys - new here, how do you add a recess to a model created by a follow me lathe? See the type of recess and the mini keg I have created using follow me.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Recess for a keg.skp (1.1 MB)

Hi Jean - that’s awesome, fantastic for creating that shape - thank you. However how do you create the actual recess in the keg. With the example of the actual keg there is a recessed area where the triangle fits, presumably allowing fingers to fit around the triangle to pull it out. See this picture showing the recess better with te triange pulled out

This would be easier in SketchUp Pro because you could use some extensions to help create the shape and merge it with the keg. For your hobby use I expect something like this would get you close enough.

With Line and Arc tools draw the shape of the recess.
Extrude it a little bit (optional).
Use Offset to outline the bottom of the recess.
Select the outside edges of the shape, get the Move tool, activate Auto Fold (Command on Mac) and move the selection back to create the bevel.

After you’ve got the shape, place it in the keg and use intersect Faces to intersect these faces with the faces of the keg. Then erase what isn’t the keg.

For things like this I tend to think of the shape of the die that would stamp that into the metal.

That makes a lot of sense Dave. Thank you for your assistance - you guys are great.
Have had a go, bit of a ball ache turning the keg into a solid with holes in the mesh etc.
Perseverance, I’ll get there in the end.

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