Adapting a dynamic component


Hi folks.

I’ve downloaded this dynamic component from the 3DW. Just the radiator I need in a design. However, I need to scale it to 960mm high. Thats fine, I can do this but I also need to reduce the number of sections to 8 to fit into a smaller space. When I remove the individual sections and move the valve into its new position, the valve disappears.

I’ve not used DC’s before so is there something I need to do rather than deleting the unwanted elements and re-positioning the ones I wish to keep.

As ever, any help is much appreciated.


Edwardian Radiator 4 Column.skp (473.1 KB)


I’ve managed to achieve the desired result by exploding the valve component and making it a group before moving it into position. Would this be common practice?


The component you downloaded is one that can be resized with the Scale tool. Note that the file you posted has the actual radiator component inside it, so if you place it into your model you will have to explode it once for it to work. Scaling the component in the length direction reduces or increases the number of sections to fit the available space, and scaling the height makes it taller or lower without distorting the shape. So it is unnecessary to explode it altogether. Note that Dynamic Components is an extension that you might have to enable in the Extensions manager.



That is genius! Thank you Anssi.

Possibly my best 3DW download yet!