Activations errors

why am i getting this message

What message exactly? What SketchUp version? What operating system? What graphics card. Complete your forum profile.

where is the profile

exceeded activations, windows, pro 2023

Here’s what yours look like.
Screenshot - 1_19_2024 , 1_03_47 PM

Click on the O in the brown circle at the top right of the forum page. Click on the Person icon, Preferences, Profile. Complete and update the information. Remember to save the changes at the bottom of the page.

Sounds like you’ve tried to open it on too many devices or opened too many versions of SketchUp. Do what the message tells. Go to the devices/versions you are signed into and sign out of them.

Sign out and close SketchUp and Layout.
Then follow these steps…

done that no change still exceeded activations

Do you have SketchUp open on other machines somewhere?