Activation Migrations

S4u make face pro activation 3/3 I purchased a new desktop because one laptop was broken, I want to move to the desktop PC to remove the activation of the broken laptop, what should I do?

I sent you a message.

Nice to meet you. Yutas.
From the extended warehouse, I want to install s4u Make Face pro on a new PC, but activation is limited.
How do I migrate the activation of my old computer to a new one?

I need to do the same thing for a few of my extensions to go from 2020 to 2021 (2dxy slick moves and su4u reset axis)

How were you able to do this? I’m also having trouble getting 2DXY slickmoves working after upgrading to SketchUp 2022. Does everyone have to contact SketchUp to reset the activation counts?

I made the change that was needed. You should be ok now.

It’s working now, thank-you!