Activating Sefaira using Edge

Hi, im trying to activate Sefaira, we have recently switched to force Edge to be our default browser which is managed centrally, so will not allow me to set IE as the default browser. when im trying to activate Sefaira in Revit - im getting various error messages which im assuming are due to using Edge and not IE. Is there a way around this or do i need to see if my IT can add the sites that generate the errors to compatible view? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @richwallace,

I think you can still leave Edge as the default browser. Could you try the steps outlined here and see if that solves the issue for you?

Yeah I did see that. It works for someone else. I’m thinking it’s user profile related and not a problem with Trimble to be honest. Lol. If they’d said they in the first place I’d have been ok