Activate Vray3 offline

Hi folks,

I want to activate Vray3 for SU offline. Therefore I should upload a so called “Activation Request File” with the file extension .csr to Chaos Group in order to obtain an “Activation File”.

I have no clue where I would find this mysterious .csr file on my PC and the web page of Chaos Group is not providing any information. Does somebody know where I find the .csr file on my PC?

Why don’t you contact Vray’s customer support? They would be the best source for the help you need.

Hi Dave!

Yes actually they would be the best source - if they answer. :wink: In my experience they often don’t answer or it takes a long time. In contrast I have very good experiences with sketchucation and sketchup forum because there is this mysterious always online guy from Minnesota DaveR. This guy is answering almost every of my SU related problems since years with the speed of light. Many thanks to him! This is why I chose to ask here.

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He is so all knowing I’m planning for him to do my next prostate exam.


Chaosgroup : Help Portal

  1. Open the license server webpage and click ENABLE from the ONLINE LICENSING menu.
  2. Clicking Activate offline will take you to the next page, where you can download your activation request file.

Hi sketch3d_de.
I’ve gone through all these steps, I’ve downloaded the cert.crt file. What next? Cuz V-Ray for SketchUp has still “Failed to check out V-Ray GUI license”. Am I supposed to upload it somewhere? What do I do now?

contact ChaosGroup Support.

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