Accurate dimensions in layout, 2D scaled view

Hi, I’m using the dimension tool in Layout on a 2d front elevation.
I’m trying to display the distance between a shelf and carcass top.
The shelf does not stick out as far as the carcass top so the two edges are not on exactly the same plane (shelf is 250mm deep and carcass top is 290mm deep).
I follow the inference lock displayed using the dimension tool from the shelf towards the carcass top and at the last minute the inference is lost and the dimension given is 3mm more than the actual. This is because Layout has not measured vertically.
I can’t find a way to inference lock vertically like I would in sketchup.
Is there a way around this? I would like to measure the distance between lines when in 2d scaled view, not from surface to surface.

The only thing I can think of is to manually change the text of the dimension by double clicking it but that is more of a workaround than a solution.

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There are a several options that come to mind.

First, which end of the dimension are you anchoring first? Try reversing the direction.

Second, you might temporarily hide the top in SketchUp so you can dimension from the top of the case side down to the shelf. Unhide it and update the reference in LO.

Third, you could set some guide lines to give you anchor points for the dimension. If you render the viewport in Vector, those guides won’t show or you can delete them after the dimension is placed.

I don’t run into the problem you describe very often but I’ve found these three different options can be useful for other dimensioning, too.

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That’s how I’ve been getting around it… thanks

All very useful work around tips. Many thanks for your help.