Account Access

Mac user. I had a 2013 iMac that was happily running SketchUp Pro 2022. Days ago, I upgraded to a new iMac running Monterey 12.5, migrating all of the old computer files into the new one. I signed out of the program on the old iMac.

When I try to start the program on the new machine, it asks me to sign in - but the browser window doesn’t open, and the “reopen browser” button does nothing. AND according to the “Help” tab, I AM already signed in but because it’s grayed out, I can’t sign out.

I’ve removed the old program and downloaded new copied three time now, all with the same result. I’m getting a bit desperate because I need access to prepare class for September.

To add insult to injury, I’ve tried writing three times now to “Technical Support”, and every time I get a message that “The server is temporarily unavailable”. Disappointing and not at all helpful…