Accidentally opening SU model in LO viewport

As careful as I try to be with the handles, I frequently accidentally open the SU model in a LO viewport when I am just trying to resize or adjust the viewport. Opening the model leads to all kinds of messes. My viewports seem to have a hair trigger to open the model. Is there any way to toggle off the ability to open the model? This is not (at least for me) a very useful feature. If the ability to open your model in the viewport went away entirely it would not particularly bother me. I usually have the model layer locked, but it has to be unlocked to manipulate the viewport. This seems to be more of a problem in the Mac version than in PC. Any suggestions out there? Thanks.

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There is no way currently to prevent that short of using care when clicking on the viewport. Keep in mind an immediate Undo will take care of it if you accidentally do open it.

There have been feature requests to make it possible to disable opening the viewport so maybe we’ll see that one day.


Am I missing something? Can anyone explain in what context you would open a viewport to manipulate the view that won’t later break your document if you ever resave your SU file. I guess if you were sure you were done designing forever and would never touch that SU file again then you could orbit the model in the viewport. But current best practice as I understand it is to manage all views in scenes within SU and be forever updating model references and switching between SU and LO. Until LO can truly control style, scale, camera position, layers, shadow, etc in an independent unbreakable way (please please make it so) I just don’t see the point of making viewports editable in the first place, if we’re never supposed to edit them.

For a down and dirty one shot document it’s probably OK although I still create scenes in SU and avoid manipulating the view in LO.

Users can do a lot of things in most software applications as well as in life that aren’t “best practice.”

I look forward to being able to lock out the option to edit the SketchUp camera in LO, too.

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I would sure like that feature to be added. Inadvertently opening the model in a LO viewport has provided me with much frustration.

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I will say it is possible to learn to avoid opening the model viewports. It only takes a little practice and discipline. Proper layer use in LO doesn’t hurt either.

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