Accidentally deleted SKU Pro 2017

I had Sketchup Pro 2017. I recently downloaded SketchUp Pro 2020. The new program made my late model 2013 Mac Book Pro, OS Catalina, extremely slow and extremely sluggish. Kernal Task went through the roof. While removing the 2020 version, I have either also accidentally removed the 2017 Pro version or the 2020 version has deactivated the 2017 Pro version.

I tried checking all the different serial numbers I have for the Pro 2017 and I keep getting responses that it is no longer an active maintenance program.

I still have all the 2017 Layout files but of course they won’t open without the SketchUp Pro 2017 program. What do I do??? I have so many projects that I’ve now possibly lost and if I can’t recover them somehow, I’m ruined. Hoping for some help - or maybe I just need a miracle now.

There is a good chance that the license file is still in its original location, and if you install 2017 again from here it will find the license:

If that doesn’t work I will message you to help fix things.

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