Access Violation Crash caused by one API

Dear SketchUp Team,
We encountered an exception triggered by “SUModelCreateFromFileWithStatus()” when we try to convert a contaminated model for security testing.
poc_access_violation.skp (50.3 KB)

Pls have a look.
Thank you for your time!


I don’t think it is a good thing to post contaminated (with a virus?) files on a public forum. This is a public user forum.

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The contaminated means this file was destructed with security testing purpose, no virus contained, just some file structure destruction.

We do such testing ourselves. Your file does crash the current version of 2022, but doesn’t crash on more recent builds. I cannot say when an update will come out that has this corruption taken care of, but at least we did already handle this particular corruption.


Can you clarify what you are doing, and why you are doing it? It sounds like you have written some software that makes modifications (I might call them corruptions) to SKP files, then you see how the SketchUp Pro application reacts when trying to open your corrupted SKP files.

Most likely (since this is the SDK category) they are testing how (in their 3rd party application using the SketchUp C SDK) reacts to SKP files when they have malformed format or data.

For the record, this has been properly filed in the Issue Tracker …

Yes, correct. The “contaminated” file was provided by our Security Team who may use some special tool to corrupted it. The purpose of it was to verify some unusual scenarios such as crash, memory leak that normal cases can not cover.
Sorry for the confusing.