Access to Move to Current item

New to software. I am wanting to manipulate visible layers to access interior views. When following the directions below, the context click menu did not give the “Move to Current Layer” menu item. Thanks Eli

To move entities from one layer to another:

Select Window > Layers. The Layers dialog box appears.
Click on the layer you want to contain the entities. This layer will become the active layer.
Select the Select tool. The cursor changes to an arrow.
Select one or more entities. The selected entities are highlighted in blue.
Context-click on these entities. The context menu for the entities is displayed.
Select the Move to Current Layer menu item. The entities are now assigned to the currently active layer.

This sounds like you’re reading information about LayOut but working in SketchUp.

Layers are entirely different between the two products. In SketchUp, layers are only used to control visibility of entities but they don’t separate entities from each other. You should start here: