Access/Efficiency without open internet

Curious what people think about how the changing of the open internet rules will effect their workflows, especially in the context of education. Does the prospect of slower connection speeds worry them when using an internet based service such as SketchUp Free for classroom exercises. Will SketchUp Free be able to remain free and usable if service providers start charging for higher speed capabilities. Functions such as zooming and navigating while modeling would, I think, become intolerably slow if speeds were slowed down significantly. Especially in a group setting of some kind where a time limited discussion was going on attempting to incorporate several different ideas and perspectives. I know I’m concerned. Should I be?

SketchUp Free actually uses your internet connection only very lightly. Once the application has loaded into your browser’s memory, the majority of operations actually execute locally on your computer.

Opening and saving files, whether to Google Drive (for Schools) or to Trimble Connect (for everyone else) does happen over the internet. And in the future we may add additional features that could require some additional bandwidth. But for now, there’s little reason to worry about running out of bandwidth when using SketchUp in your browser.


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