Acces Denied on Fonction Plus?

Hi, I have Sketchup Pro 2017 and when I want to go on the plus in the fonction
the answer is acces denied.

I really appreciated your help

We don’t know what function you are referring to. Is it perhaps adding an attribute to a Dynamic Component?

How about a screen-shot?

yes in a Dynamic component, here is the image with liner

Could you upload your component so we can see what you’re seeing?

Here is the file, go in attribut, ex… a choose ceilling and I want a go to have more explaination.
I click on a little plus__ Link on the right and said acces denied

Testg.skp (950,2 Ko)

Can you access this link through your browser? Dynamic Components Text Function Examples | SketchUp Help

Yes Dave I can acces ?

Thanks for your help,

I have to go, but if you can tel me the wait I can fix that
or otherwise a keep on going on the link you send me

Very appreciated

That page is what the link in the Dynamic Components window points to? On my machine it opens in an Internet Explorer window. Are you able to open it in IE? Is IE up to date?

I don’t use IE, but I will make sure it is up to date
and see whats happen.

Thanks for the tip and help

I hope that fixes it. At least for the time being, you can access the page. You might want to bookmark that link.

For the most part SketchUp doesn’t specifically need IE like it used to but I think there are still some cases in which it does so it’s a good idea to keep it up to date.

Dave whats that mean bookmark the link?
Thanks for your fast help

Open that link I provided and bookmark it or add it to your favorite links. Then you can access it directly from your internet browser.

Thanks David, I already add to my browser

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