Absolute size, not relative resize

I know that users with any experience have internalized the resize protocol, but I must put this on the table before I forget how frustrating it is.

I want a simple mechanism to resize elements to an explicit size. For a simplistic example, to change a 2x4 length from 10 feet to eight feet and 4 and one half inches, instead of having to figure out the difference (e.g. if one’s country is not metric), I want to enter 8’4.5" and be done with it rather than -7.5". This is especially annoying when one has several objects of different dimensions and one wants them all to be resized to the same dimension. A Size mode would take care of them in one step; the current Resize tool requires selecting and applying the correct offset to the desired size for each one.

If this would be an alternate entry method in the current Resize mode or a new mode does not matter, but having to do addition or subtraction distracts from the user’s train of thought: the tool is no longer invisible.

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Using the Scale tool, you can enter absolute lengths when you remember to enter the dimension unit.
Another possibility is to create parts as dynamic components and make their dimensions parametric.

I don’t know if this is what you are after.


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So this is exactly what I wanted. I clicked on my component which is just a rectangle of 3/4" plywood, chose edit component, and with the scale tool clicked on the face of my part and dragged the “handle” a tiny bit then typed 11" for it to size to 11". IT DID! Well, that face. Not the back side of the same part. >sigh<

The Scale tool only scales the selection. If you didn’t select all of the geometry in your “rectangle of 3/4” plywood" the scale tool wouldn’t affect all of it.

Use the tape measure to set the size you want, then resize (or move one edge) to that