Absolute coordinates

Why Absolute coordinates are measured from the upper-left corner of the drawing area, but not from the lower-left of the drawing area?
Usually people use the Y axis which value is increase from lower to upper.

It’s been that way from the very first version. Maybe it’s because in English you read left to right and top to bottom. Once you know about it, it’s not a problem to deal with.

Thank you so much.
Can I reverse the Y axis?

No. There’s no setting to do that, anyway.

Thank you

I am making land surveying. We always looks upper as North (Y axis from lower to upper).
If I import these data to Layout, the north would be reversed to the south. How can I do?

If I can not reverse the direction of the Y Axis, I have to edit all of Latitude data before I import the data to layout.

Why don’t you do it in Sketchup instead of in LayOut?

This is the plane surveying, only have two axis. So I try to use layout. thank you.

Suit yourself.

I will use SketchUp, if I unable to understand the Layout.

How would you go about getting the data into LayOut, anyway? Are you manually drawing the lines from the coordinates?

Yes, I manually drawing the plane land boundary. I am a student.

The teacher don’t allowed the student to use auto drawing because we should learn from very bargaining. Thank you.

If you’ve got the coordinates for the points in a text file, you could use a point cloud importer to create the points in SketchUp. Look in the Extension Warehouse.

Ah, well, never mind then.

Yes, I will. Thank you.

Hi DaveR, I have one more question.
I try to draw the land boundary through import the Latitude (Green Axis) and Departure (Red Axis) Value to the SketchUp. How can I add a point without line?

In graphs and maps Y points upwards. In documents and on the web it usually points downwards.

Thank you so much.

I believe this was implemented to be more inline with paperspace and graphic design programs like InDesign and Photoshop.


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