About undo command

Hi everybody.

  • How many “undo” SketchUP lets me save?
  • Is there any way to change them?
  • Is it possible to make them be included on my .skp file?

Thanks in advance.

As I remember it, the Undo stack holds the last 100 steps. FIFO applies. They are not saved when you save the file so you can’t undo steps from the previous time you had the file open.

What do you mean by, “change them”?

No. When you close the SKP file, the Undo stack is erased.


Thank you.

Do you think it would be a good feature it will let you choose if you want to save your previous steps on a .skp file?
I think no program work like that, but I’ve thought it could be helpful in certain circunstances.

I don’t know. I guess I’ve never found the need for it.

(On a stack one can only access “top”, so last in first out = LIFO.)


The programs that I’ve used which show lists of steps that can be undone have always listed the newest one at the bottom. :wink:

The first one into the stack is the first one out of the stack.

“First-in first-out” (FIFO) is a queue; “last-in first-out” (LIFO) is a stack. The Undo feature operates as a stack, that is the last (most recent) operation performed is the one that will be rolled back by the next Undo operation. In other words, say I do operations A, B, and then C in that order. If I do three successive Undos, what happens is that operation C is rolled back, then B, then A. Last-In [C], First-Out [C]. LIFO stack.

By the way I’ve gotten into the habit of performing a series of related simple operations as one big operation in order to maximize the useable depth of the undo stack. For example if I intend to delete six entities, I’ll often select the six entities and issue one Delete operation, rather than deleting the six entities one at a time.


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