About the Extension Warehouse for Developers category

If you’re trying to get your extension published in Extension Warehouse and run into signing up or submission issues, you’re in the right place to ask questions. For EW usage questions, head over here instead: Extension Warehouse

  • Getting going as an Extension Warehouse Developer or Vendor has its challenges. Post questions or advice in this topic.

  • There are other areas for help with Ruby API and SketchUp SDK, and for help with EW as a user. Here we are only talking about difficulties in getting your extension live in EW.

  • Topics can be of an admin nature, or a technical nature. How do I become a Vendor? My extension submission was Denied, how can I fix this?

  • Let’s see how this goes. There are likely to be very few posts, and we can tell from the topics whether they could have been handled in an existing forum area.

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