About the Computer Advice category

If you have questions about setting up your computer, buying new hardware or anything that is tangentially SketchUp related but not specific to the application, this is the place to be.

Please consider your question carefully and be thorough in your description of your needs as well as detail what you’ve already done, be it research or steps, so those helping you can know where to start. Feel free to also note your level of expertise so you don’t get answers that are over your head. Some topics that would be relevant to this sub-category include:

  • How to create folders/files on your operating system (be sure to state what you’re using)
  • Recommended hardware based on options you’re considering.
  • Configuring hardware or software for use with SketchUp
  • Downloading/Uploading SketchUp related files

Remember, whether asking or answering, to be polite and respect the responses that come in.

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