About Sefaira For Sketch Up Pro 2021(EDU)

I bought the educational version of Sketch Up Pro 2021,all I want is Sefaira. In the official statement,Sefaira is available,but I can not use it.They said I did not have access.

If you have a SketchUp Studio for Higher Education subscription then Sefaira is included. Go to http://myaccount.trimble.com/ and it should be visible as one of the features. Click “My Products” to see what you have.

If you are referring to SketchUp for Schools (under 18s) then no Sefaira is not included.
If your university has a “Lab” license which installs SketchUp Pro on machines with a serial number, then the only application you have access to is SketchUp Pro Desktop.

If I change my product to SketchUp Studio 02,then I will be able to use Sefaira for $699 a year. Is that so?

ps:Because I found a stuff work for Sefaira,and he told me it would cost me $2300 a year …

Whether the " SketchUp Studio 02, Annual Plan,$699 " includes Sefaira?