Ability to pan inside a viewport VS scaling a viewport

Hi guys, this would be most welcome. Current workflow implies inserting a viewport and then scale it to the sides, up and down, in order to capture the portion of the scene we want.

This ruins viewport’s layout on page if that is already set and we just want to adjust. We can do it by designing references and keep them there, but it takes a lot more steps to get it right.

You can already pan inside a viewport but of course that disconnects the viewport from the SU scene. If Preserve Scale is checked on, you can also pan by moving the sides of the viewport. This has the benefit of maintaining the link to the SU scene so scene specific changes will be shown.

My bad, I didn’t even consider this option because of the disconnect issue.

It’s asking for trouble, as you know.

That’s exactly what I’m doing (probably I described it badly) but the thing is that, with complex viewport layouts, I loose the original viewport position easily as this, obviously implies changing viewport size and position.

The thing is that, sometimes the position is easy to revert, by tracing the shape of the viewport or a couple of references prior to moving the sides of the viewport, but there’s a LOT of scenarios where it’s not.

Basically, the boundaries of the viewport are impossible to trace if the viewport hasn’t got a transparent background. Most of my viewports have either a terrain or an interior face… so this is really messing my workflow.