A strange section plane anomaly

Have a look at this model and see if you can interact with it. Exploding the group makes it work again, but as is it seems frozen.
All I did was use a section plane to look in and delete the bottom face of the terrain, now nothing is selectable.
Frozen Section.skp (725.3 KB)


That’s weird. Did you save it back to V 14?

Indeed I did, as someone tends to say, for a wider audience.

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Ah… I see. It still behaves rather strangely.

I can give you the 2018 version but it does the same thing.

No need then.

I wonder if someone from the SU team can explain. Or did you break off the space-time key in the lock?

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Well, as you know, I am made up of more than 3 dimensions. Don’t mention the key or Robert will lose it.


Ah, I have found the reason, technically it’s not a bug. I wonder if anyone else will spot it.

I can’t reproduce that behaviour (Make 2017).

This looks like a case I ‘ve seen a while ago. With version 2018 came the dialog for naming section planes. If it is hidden somewhere (off) screen, you won’t go pass it and you ‘d experience that same behavior.
Very frustrating.

Good suggestion, but not the reason in this case. This is actually being caused by a plugin.

@Cotty and I discussed it in private and it seems that even without this plugin installed the problem is still there, making it even harder to find.

Edit: My mistake, if you don’t have the plugin the problem doesn’t appear. So if you open the model and you can’t select anything then you must have the plugin installed.

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Maybe we should involve @thomthom in this quiz?

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That might give it away.

That’s a mighty nice section of the landscape. :+1:

Made very simply, it’s just this repeated.

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Awesome! How’d you make the contours? Did you make an array of lines or download them?

You inspired me to make a geological section for my cave city I’m designing. I used Artisan Organic Toolset.

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that should narrow it down, I subspect…:smiley:

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:thinking: … Is it the “thomthom’s-method” plugin?

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