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I am still in schooling at the beginners level so I need a little help to work on the digital model of my castle fortress/the top-secret military base of mine and I need to get back to my education, where I left off so I can get on with my life and need to be successful again so I when I get back to school I can continue with my education as well. Would you guys help me out with it? I am still very new to it.

You’re going to have to be a lot more specific about what help you need. And is this really in the right tag?

my plans that needs to digitized into 1 big model

How large is your budget for this job?

it’s no job I’m jobless right now because I am still a student and in schooling. It’s the future plans trying to save up

I see. So you want this big job done for free?

You should put that in your original post.

I already have

I don’t see anything in your original post indicating you want this done for free.