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I am still in schooling at the beginners level so I need a little help to work on the digital model of my castle fortress/the top-secret military base of mine and I need to get back to my education, where I left off so I can get on with my life and need to be successful again so I when I get back to school I can continue with my education as well. Would you guys help me out with it? I am still very new to it.

You’re going to have to be a lot more specific about what help you need. And is this really in the right tag?

my plans that needs to digitized into 1 big model

How large is your budget for this job?

it’s no job I’m jobless right now because I am still a student and in schooling. It’s the future plans trying to save up

I see. So you want this big job done for free?

You should put that in your original post.

I already have

I don’t see anything in your original post indicating you want this done for free.

This will be the location for it

It still isn’t completely clear what you need for now, and the Google Drive folder had too many things in it to find what might be important.

But, I love Legends of Tomorrow, and I have this for you, in case it’s of some use:

RipHunterLocation.skp (2.5 MB)

the reason that you don’t see them clearly it’s because most of them are in black and white and it’s sideways

Location for Avatar Rip Hunter Paradox manor (1).kml (2.4 KB) Location for Avatar Rip Hunter Paradox manor.kml (2.4 KB)

so it can be added as well

Uploading: Avatar Rip Hunter Paradox manor (1).skp…
Avatar Rip Hunter Paradox manor.skp (14.9 MB)
Needs a little extra from these (RipHunterParadox - Student, Filmographer | DeviantArt and RipHunterParadox - Student, Filmographer | DeviantArt) and things will work out in no time and make sure everything I planned will be there will be okay in no time.

50+Caliber+Gatling+Gun.skp (517.5 KB)
Alice in Wonderland maze.skp (339.4 KB)
AT-AT+Star+Wars.skp (831.1 KB)