A question about intersect faces

If many groups in a group then this group isn’t solid so I can’t intersect with faces with the selection? I want to clear the intersect face of that wooden plate and spotlights but neither right-click and select intersect faces with model/selection nor split faces on the toolbar works.

We’d have to see the model. “Interesect Faces” doesn’t have to do with solids. “Solids” operations are a different function. It sort of looks like you are trying to intersect a 2d outine with a face. That generally doesn’t work. As the name implies, it works best when there are faces that are intersecting.

Could you post the model and say what you are hoping to get by this operation?

I want to insert these spotlights into the oak wood plate so I can hide these spotlight and looks better in rendering. Uploading the model.

here’s my model.

Your model is 376.4 Megs,. This is a very huge file.

I don’t think that many people will take the time to download such a file.

I downloaded it and opened it (approx. 90 seconds to open in SU 2022).

You have too many components that are themselves huge. Just the flower pot on the round coffee table is over 1 Meg.

Also, you should have provided a scene allowing direct view of the problematic parts. As it is now, I will have to hunt for it in this huge model and, unfortunately, I don’t have time for that now. I hope someone else can help.

I suggest that tou copy the problematic parts and paste them in a separate file. This file shall not be more that a few hundred K and even less than 100 K. Then you can post it directly to this forum.

In addition to @jean_lemire_1’s comments, you should fix the incorrect face orientation. There should be no exposed back faces.

Here I also fixed the incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 6_18_2022 , 9_23_41 AM

Lots of obese components in your model that could stand to be reduced. The dressing table is the biggest liability. Over 33,000 entities in just the stool.

Over 75,000 entities in just this throw on the bed.

Almost 150,000 entities in the bed frame and probably 1/4 to 1/3 of it can’t be seen.

Your model would be much easier to work with if you’d clean up the entourage.