A plugin is saying I've got a different MAC address and it will no longer work

I’ve been using the gkdoormaker plugin for years and recently bought a new Mac so I had to download a new version of it. It works great for a day or so and then when I come back to it the next day it says that I have a different Mac address and it will not let me create a new door. If I delete the plugin and reload a new one it seems to work again for a day or so and then the same problem pops up. Any help on how to fix this? I’ve been told by the designer to google ifconfig but I’m lost. Every other plugin and app is working just fine. Where it should say create door is just grayed out.

I’m not sure how it affects the host machine, but I know Apple Private relay changes and obscures your MAC address to other machines, it might be that the Apple MacOS is changing it frequently and this is causing an issue

Try disabling it if it is turned on
Use iCloud Private Relay on Mac – Apple Support (UK)

The MAC (Media Access Control) address is unique to each device. You might need to adjust the MAC address associated with your license for the extension with the developer. That extension developer is responsive and helpful and often monitors the forum, I’ll ping him with his handle @gkernan to see if he’s around and can help. There is also a contact form on the website.

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Is it possible you set up the new Mac from a Time Machine backup of your old Mac? That may have copied over the old license, which would be based on the MAC address of the old Mac.

I think Garry is going to be able to give you a replacement license.