A Friday the 13th LIVE with Tyson

This Friday the 13th, @TysonK is going to be leading the final in our series of modeling the Historic Chapline Row District. You’ve seen @TheOnlyAaron do it, you’ve seen @eric-s do it, now see how Tyson models one of these historic houses. There might be some spooky elements too, as we celebrate all things SketchUp AND Friday the 13th.

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Looking forward to it.

Anyone else getting a spooky Halloween vibe from @Donovan s image?


It’s called pareidolia. I am a case too. Just recovering from the latest attack.



We’re 15 min out for the last but not least of our historic housing effort…see you all soon!

Alls well that ends well…Tyson’s doing the ‘Wells House’ - Edgar Wells House, 2301-2303 Chapline Street, Wheeling, Ohio County, WV - Drawings from Survey HABS WV-195 | Library of Congress - if you want to follow along :wink:

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