A complaint that doesn't require a response

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On an unrelated note, when struggling to eat soup with a fork, the problem is neither the fork nor the soup.


That is not most people’s reaction to SketchUp. Your mileage clearly varies. Don’t use it if you don’t like it.


I have never heard a program laugh. Are you sure?


I found the title of the thread to be curious, and the subsequent posting to be equally curious. Why would you make such a statement in a post, and believe that it didn’t require a response, but then be so vague with said statement?

Why, may I ask, would you think that SU is NOT intuitive? Is it due to the software not being able to read your mind?

I may have a non-sarcastic reason for you, as you comparatively included CAD software. While SU and CAD software, share abilities, the intuitive nature of CAD has been around much longer than SU has been alive. Being a CAD Designer for over 25 years, I’ve witnessed the evolution of CAD, but for SU, the intuitiveness may have emerged gradually, and not overnight as you may have expected. SU is very capable of doing what it was developed to do. For well over 3 years of constant usage of SU, there were times where I felt SU lacked core features that I knew were possible, being that I use Fusion 360, Inventor and Solidworks. In general, it is hard to compare a universal 3D design program, like SU, to others that are targeted for certain disciplines. The three later programs I mentioned, are targeted for manufacturing and fabrication, so again, the lack of intuitiveness of SU, may be purposeful, based on whatever certain situations arise from a particular user’s needs.

Not to sound snarky, but @john_mcclenahan kind of hit the nail on the head. SU may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and as I mentioned in another unrelated post, there are plenty of alternatives, if your 3D needs aren’t met with SU.

Hi John, hi folks.

It looks like you are using SketchUp (SU) free (Web based).

If this is such the case, you cannot compare that to CAD softwares that are probably costing some money.

At least, try a more powerful edition of SU. Look at the numerous tutorials available on SU’s Web Site and on Youtube. Try to get an idea of what SU is able to do.

I discover SU with version 3.0 when all my CAD experience was from some 2D and 3D drawing programs on my Apple II and after that Mac Paint, Mac Draw and Power Draw on my first Mac in the 1980’s and later AutoCAD on PC in the 1990’s. When I first tried SU I was also disoriented because of my conception of CAD softwares. I then found the time to go through all of the video tutorials available for SU V 3.0. I grasped how it worked, used it a lot and eventually got knowledgeable enough to begin helping other users in the first forum dedicated to SU.

After more than 15 years of use of SU, I am still learning every day and I am still helping a few people here and there. After seing my colleagues at work use AutoCAD, Catia, Solidworks and a few other softwares, I can just say that SU is, at least for me, the most easy to use and learn software around. But, even if it’s learning curve is not as steep as for other softwares, it is to be taken in consideration.


And now… another response that no one asked for!

I see and hear this occasionally and as someone who has taught more than one 3D modeling software to many (maybe thousands) of users over the past two decades, I have some thoughts.

The people who have the hardest time learning SketchUp are experienced CAD users. It seems like experienced CAD users refuse to stop “thinking CAD.” If you think that you have to think about your z-height or worry about elevation data, but the software does not want that, then you think there is something wrong with the software. Experienced designers can have a hard time relaxing and accepting that there is an easier way to draw in 3D.

Again, just my observation.


No, it doesn’t merit a response.

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SketchUp is by far the easiest 3D software to learn, and more intuitive especially compared to other CAD applications. I notice that you joined this forum and have already posted two amazingly ignorant claims about the software, but have failed miserably to show what you are having issue with. Clearly you have not made any effort to even try, because if you had you would find that both of your claims are ridiculously false.


There most certainly is: start thinking real time 3D (stop thinking 2D, 2½D or whatever) and use SketchUp (preferably) in ‘Perspective View’ mode. It’s as if you are in modeling space yourself and with full controle over drawn edges in 3D. SketchUp fills in the faces. Step by step you see the shapes formed in front of your eyes.


Jean, In my early days with SU, (05), I learnt a tremendous amount from your posts. Thank you.
And I continue to learn.
What that sign-off you used for a while/years?

This is my response.

Nicely (not) said.


Hi bazzamills, hi folks.

I was often signing with “Just ideas” and then using my name, city, province, country.

Today It would look like Jean (Johnny) Lemire from Longueuil, Quebec, Canada.

I used the term “Just ideas” (“seulement une idée”, in French) to means that it is only a possibility that came to my mind and that I like to share.

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Click bait…yea I bit at the hook…
Everyone I have demonstrated the software to has gone bonkers over it…personally this program is like crack for me…coming from a 2D AutoCAD environment this program is a total revelation to me about what 3D can mean to a construction company, which is what I do.

The only guys that respectfully fight me are my snobby REVIT user compatriots…whom look down their noses at SketchUp like it is still the freebee give away program the great unwashed, non-educated masses use because we can’t afford a “real CAD program”. Personally I find other CAD programs “clunky” with the exception of SolidWorks, which I find to be the most elegant piece of software I have ever used. I have only played around in it for a little bit and have no idea how to use it BUT wow what a nice piece of kit.

I think there is a place for every CAD program and we should all be willing to work together toward a common goal of better modeling and shared information accessibility. No need to bash other programs you don’t understand. Hell I can’t make heads or tails of Blender but you won’t find me going on that forum and starting a “complaint” thread…waste of time…just like this thread…


The most unintuitive post. All real community launch at it.

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Complete click bait! Irresistible for it’s blunt content and annoying attitude. Who can withdraw their hand from the reply button?

Clearly johncorzan is just trolling to see who will take the bait.


Did you also reply once with, “This violin is a piece of junk. I pluck the strings all day but all I get is noise out of it!” to a similar post some time ago?

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I am 68 and have been using CAD almost since its birth. I have used a lot of CAD software, Microstation and Autocad in particular and in my opinion Skethup is by far the most intuitive I have ever used. I have over €30k worth of redundant permanent office licenses for CAD software abandoned since commencing use of Sketchup.
I guess it’s horses for courses.