A button for a function that already exists in SketchUp, is it ok?

Hi there folks. I ask out of ignorance: Is it acceptable to create a toolbar with a button for a function that already exists in SketchUp? For example, ‘add scene’.

The thing is I am developing a toolbar with scene controls, such as ‘go to the next scene’, ‘go to the previous scene’, and I am considering whether it would be beneficial to also include buttons for adding or removing scenes.

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Thank you and thank you :smiley:

Of course we can create custom toolbar buttons for anything.

Well, we already have such a toolbar in the Scenes inspector panel.
And we can also access these commands via a context click on any scene tab.

So, it would be more about quick access and less clicks, I suppose.

The thing about these kind of buttons (incl. the ones in the Scenes inspector,) is that it might not be clear where the new scene appears, or which scene page other commands will apply to (until, as an example, the Delete Scene confirmation dialog appears.)

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I need to clear the Ruby console so many times that I finally made a one-button toolbar just for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The clr console command also works.