5D+ Auto VBO - An Extension to help you make Construction Documentation

Here are coming features on March 17, 2024. Auto Level & Auto Grid.

While this looks AWESOME - I cannot follow these videos at all :slight_smile: It looks exactly like something I would use but it’s so fast paced (aka: cool/nifty) that one cannot trace your steps without stopping the video twice every second. Some more slow-paced tutorials would be very helpful - maybe with voice-over or subtitles.

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The gear icon allows you to select playback speed and the forward/back arrows let you jump 5 secs forward or back.

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Yes, that’s right. This video is 4x speed. So choosing 0.25 will change to the normal speed.

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A few teething problems but finding it great. Better than other extensions and what sketchup for architects should have been.
Some issues with Mac but the guys are working on it. Take note Trimble this is what sketch up should be native tools makes it like archicad. Needs some drawing tools and it will be complete

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it looks great ! I’m going to try it out. Any chance it’s going to be included in the studio bundle :smiley: (which i’m also thinking of buying) ?

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Hello, currently there is a free program available till 16/03, please see details in this post.

Here’s the file to install
5d_auto_vbo_20240314_signed.rbz (2.3 MB)

Key to activate: D7098D87-E4EB-4DD6-911F-DCC9AC769D06
This key will be expired on March 16, because on March 17, the extension will be update with Auto Level and Auto Grid features.

Can you describe more details about the Studio bundle you mean?

The $99 studio bundle that is on your website

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Hi, Curic and 5D+ are independent developers, while we are friends and my extension fully support Curic Section, but I’m Cuong from 5D Plus.

Here is my website: https://5dplus.info and the name of the extension is 5D+ Auto VBO.

Oh sorry ! Indeed, because it was written it was compatible with curic section I assumed it was curic too ! My bad !


Auto adding Tags Level when create new Level.

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Roko Design made a review about 5D+ Auto VBO.


Thank Roko for sharing the review and your vast knowledge to the SketchUp’ ethusiasts.

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5D+ AUTO VBO - New update: AUTO GRID
Version: 1.3.0 - Release date: 2024.03.24

This version was added new feature for automatically create rectangle grid on plans, elevations and sections. This feature was supported by “Curic Single-Line Text” from @curic4su.

All exisiting users will received a license of “Curic Single-Line Text” (This extension is saled with 21 USD) with no added fee.


How do we redeem the license?

After install, at the first time you click to the icon of extension, a ;icense dialog will appear, then you just enter the license key and activate.

Where do I get the license?


After purchased, you will receive an email from Lemon Squeezy included the license key and a link to download the installation file.

When become a customer of Lemon Squeezy, a customer’s session will be created on Lemon Squeezy for each user to manage orders, license key, files, and activation management.

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Great Job VBO!!

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Thank you very much.

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Auto Annotations, a new feature is coming.