5D+ Auto Tag - New extension allow import tags from Excel


I have created a free extension let you import your tags/layers sytem from an Excel file.
Main features:

  • Import tags from Excel file, the first column data of Excel file will be tag’s name.
  • Everything custom can be set as default
  • Assign tag for selection objects directly from list.
  • Auto create tag folder follow your preset rules.

Beta version of 5D+Auto Tag currently published in Extension Warehouse (just support CSV file), you can download here:
5D+ Auto Tag | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

The R.C version with features: support Excel file and auto tag folder like video below preparing to publish soon.

Happy Sketching!


Are those your plugin icons on the right side of the screen ?

They are in the style of the new SketchUp iconography…?

They actually don’t look too bad ( I’m still grating against the new SketchUp tool icons :frowning_face: )

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Yes, all mine (right and top). I style them to match 2023.1 and later.

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Next feature (may be) => Dock in tray.



I’ve been begging for that feature for 6.5 years. :sob:


Please read this for more details to make your wish come true :laughing:
SketchUp Ruby can interact with HTML inside Instructor - Developers / Ruby API - SketchUp Community

In my case that isn’t the perfect solution because I need my inspector window open while the user is using the standard SketchUp select tool. It is a neat idea though.