3YOURMIND - Online Printing Comparison and Optimization Tool

Interested in Experiences with using the 3YOURMIND extension (https://www.3yourmind.com/3d-printing-extension-sketchup) to analyze 3D models and connect directly to professional print services.

Astroturfing is generally not appreciated on forums.
If you would like to introduce your product then do so without trying to be someone else.


Are you associated with 3yourmind.com?

Your profile says you use SketchUp Make.

www.3yourmind.com is a for profit website, selling licences for the extension.

Thus - if you are associated with 3yourmind.com, you are likely violating the SketchUp Make license terms.


Yes - I am associated with 3YOURMIND - although I do use Sketchup make myself because I use it with my personal 3D printing projects - I don’t do any modeling for 3YOURMIND.

We started this topic because we are curious to hear how people are using the integration and for what types of projects. While we are a for profit company, we offer the our model verification and price comparison services totally for free. (None of our pro or enterprise accounts are using 3YOURMIND with Sketchup). But we came from the community ourselves and we will continue to offer a portion of our services for free.

Have you two already tried out the plugin and the service?