3DWH nags to log in

Why does the 3DWH “nag” me to log in when browsing models? I first noted this when browsing models on my Ipad - if I hit the back button it shows the previous page for a split second and then forwards to a trimble identity page and nags me to log in. I tried on a PC browser and it does the same thing - nags me to log in when I hit the back button. I cant really see any reason for this other than Trimble wants to track my movement (which is questionable IMO)

Thanks for any input!

I’ve never observed that. Could you post a couple of screen shots?

Thanks for responding to my trivial complaint - see image. I was looking through your low poly plants (“Shrubs 2D”) and often when I hit the back button it brings up this screen

I can’t repro that unless I actually click on Sign In and keep that in my browser’s history. Open this in a private / in cognito window, and don’t click sign in, and does it happen? We only require Sign In to upload.