3dConnexions Spacenavigator in my.sketchup

Does the spacenavigator work in my.sketchup? If not currently, will this ever be implemented? I have trouble working without it now.

No. My.sketchup doesn’t support extensions. There’s no advanced knowledge if and when extensions will be supported in the future. If and when extensions are supported, 3dconnexion will have to develop its driver to support my.sketchup.

I think this should be considered as a feature request.

It doesn’t require my.sketchup to support extensions (and even then they cannot have low-level operating system/driver access).

Using the HTML5 gamepad API it is trivial to add support for spacenavigators, and it is a generic, clean, cross-platform solution that requires zero setup by end users (apart from plugging in a cable). And we don’t have to wait anymore for 3dConnexion to update their extensions.

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