3Dconnexion single axis at a time, No Orbit


Every axis seems to work one at a time. But your not able to tilt So no Orbit.
Mac OSX 10.9.5
I am a very new to SU_ Make only a few months of tinkering. With the inevitable intent of purchasing SU I made the investment of the 3Dconnexions Space mouse but have not gotten it to work with SU. I have downloaded the newest driver and been to their support and logged the trouble and have downloaded, switched drivers and reinstalled every thing all to no avail. I even went to SU 14 to see if it helped but no. Looking here I see some older posts of troubles but I’m still perplexed.
Thanks for any Ideas


I’m not a Space Mouse user (although I own two of them and used one for a while, never wishing to tilt), so take this as untested theory.

Inder normal use, the Camera keeps an upright orientation as you orbit through space; that is, it doesn’t tilt, which is usually appropriate. To defeat the tilt lock, one holds down Ctrl while orbiting, allowing barrel rolls, if one wishes.

Perhaps you need a comparable modifier–or two separate Orbit commands–to tilt while orbiting.


By the way, what do you mean by this? The whole point of my response is that Orbit and Tilt are separable functions in SU:



I’m not the greatest fan of the latest 3dconnexion drivers. For years I’ve been happy setting the navigator to work (and orbit about) on selected object. Now I have to switch between different orbiting options on my space pilot pro. I was a lot happier with less options. Now it seems I need to flash a firmware upgrade to make my navigator work with the latest driver on new computer - errrrrrrr. Still waiting for technical support to respond on this issue…


Perhaps “Tilt” Is the wrong word. The rotate, tip back or forward pan all around move pun and down all work but not at the same time. So its only one axis at a time. If I’m looking at my model front view put the orbit tool upper left click and drag to the lower rt I would be viewing the model from the upper left. If I want to get the same view with the space mouse I need tilt forward then rotate to the left. In two separate motions. The mouse works perfectly in the demo that comes with it. I would not have gotten this mouse but seeing it used in so many of the training videos convinced me It would be a huge plus. I am battling a condition that has impaired my rt hand and this would be a big help…


How can I be the only one with problems with this thing. They have been very little help at 3Dconnexion. was hoping somebody here had a clue.


OK After some painful time and energy (mostly getting to the right person) the fix for this was easy and, more than likely obvious, to some. It was a simply the deletion of the “com.3dconnexion.mappings” file in the application pref folder. Im an old MAC guy and a bit embarrassed I was not finding this on my own but after talking to the right guy he gave good advice and had me delete mine and re-install and poof. All fixed.

Thank you for all your suggestions



Don’t kick yourself too hard. Something changed. 3Dconnexion used to install things in SU’s Windows Plugins directory when installing the driver. That’s not happening now.

At least in my troubleshooting process with 3dconnexion technical support, I found out how to reset my navigator - so updating firmware was not necessary.

It’s also worthwhile to add the extra step of restarting the computer to be sure old stuff gets washed out when when installing stuff doesn’t go at planned.