3Dconnexion on Mac Sonoma

Can you share the 10.8.3 installer? For some reason, 3Dconnexion’s archive jumps back to 10.7…

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Same issue… would you be up for sharing 10.8.2? 10.7 will install, but does not work with 2024

I don’t think anything before 10.8.4 will work with SketchUp 2024, but if you want to try it that’s what’s currently on their downloads page.

That’s where I started… I just cannot get it to complete installation.

Perhaps if someone sends you the .rb and folder from a successful install. That tends to work with windows.

I would be willing to give that a try!

I think that requires that the underlying device driver installed successfully, as the portion in the plugins folder is only the extension that feeds device input to SketchUp. @TheOnlyAaron does any part of the installation work? For example do you get the 3DConnexion Home app and can you run its viewer? If not, having the SketchUp extension copied will do no good. Please provide more detail about exactly what happens when the installation fails.

Edit: in /Applications there should be a folder named 3Dconnexion, and in it there should be various apps, including one named Viewer.app. If you don’t have this, the installation failed earlier. If you have it, what happens if you run it (You should see a model of a jet engine that you can manipulate with the space mouse)? Finally, if you can see the 3Dconnexion Home app there, right-click and select get info. You should see something like this (note: the version numbers are not the same as the driver dmg that you installed!).

PS: I’ll be happy to compare notes to see if we can figure out what is wrong, though perhaps we should go to PM. Also, if tech support gets back to you, they will surely have a better answer. However, my experience with them is that they don’t always reply in a timely manner.

Yeah… the installation locks up before anything gets written to the hard drive… no viewer, uninstall, or even the folder in Applications… At the suggestion of their forum, I have tried installing over an older verions (10.7), installing the older version, then using Uninstall, then installing… I have manually removed all traces of 3Dconnexion software from my computer… nothing really seems to work… the new installer always locks up. Others on their forum are having this happen, too… the reccommendation is to reach otu to support, which I have, but have not heard anything back.

One other thing to try (which @simoncbevans found with older versions) is to turn off the firewall before doing the install. I don’t know why that is relevant (never needed to do it myself) but it worked for him.

This issue is also driving me insane. Exactly the same as the OP. I can now confirm that turning off the firewall makes no difference

@ngomes are you aware of this?

(He’s a 3dc employee).

Let’s face it, 3Dconnexion products are developed for and on Windows, and are poorly optimized for macOS. I was one of the first to buy their products, even though they were clearly marked macOS-compatible on their site, and I had a lot of problems. At the time, support even asked me to find a Windows PC so I could update the mouse core, as it was still impossible to do so from macOS.

I have three versions of the Cadmouse Pro, two wired and one wireless. The new wired one still worked pretty well on my old Intel iMac, but with Apple Silicon chips, all of them have problems with the center click and wheel click, especially on professional software like Archicad and Sketchup. I’ve also noticed all sorts of strange pointer bugs, which sometimes teleport across the screen. What’s more, the Cadmouse Pro Wireless is the laggiest wireless mouse I’ve ever experienced.

A few messages from users on their forum, which I think make a perfect conclusion :

Yes the mouse worked fine on my old Intel macbook.
For M1 mac users: don’t buy 3Dconnexion stuff. It’s just buggy and not supported.

I was even told by the support team that they didn’t even know about the issue.
They don’t even test their own mouses on updated apple computers.

Return the MacBook Pro or buy a mobile workstation with Windows OS installed to get the most complete 3DxWare driver support.


This is all a puzzle inside an enigma.

I have certainly had issues over the years using a Mac and a SpaceMouse. And as @slbaumgartner has pointed out, I used to have to disable my firewall to allow the install to connect with base camp during the installation procedure. Had to do that two or three times I seem to remember. Obviously, you have to close the firewall afterwards for security.

I am now on Sonoma 14.2.1. Having been using SU 2021 up until very recently, everything just worked. Quite recently, I upgraded to SU 2023 but everything still works. I am bracing myself for what might happen with SU2024 but I’ll hold off that while everyone else works through the growing pains.

My Mac is a 2020 3.8Ghz 8-core Intel i7 machine so I haven’t experienced Metal yet.

@simoncbevans I have a 2019 Intel-based MBP running Sonoma 14.4.1. As I mentioned, I had to uninstall the previous driver before installing 10.8.4, but since then all is working fine with SU 2024.

However, there is one thing that does concern me, though it hasn’t had a fatal impact yet: the usb updater daemon grows to multi-GB size over a day or two. My space navigator is usb connected, and I don’t know of any way to find out what is causing this growth so I can’t assign blame to it with any confidence. But given the massive issue with a memory leak in an older driver, I am worried,

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We got close to figuring this out yesterday. Still haven’t though, but I’ll tell you what we were looking at, in the hope someone here knows Mac security more than we do…

If you run the installer on a Mac that is a little less locked down than our work Macs, you are asked for your password several times during the install. Once you’re done, the space mouse now works nicely in SketchUp 2024.

On a more locked down Mac, when the installer gets to the first time it needs your password, the password dialog doesn’t appear, and so you can’t go any further.

Any thoughts on what it would take to make the password dialog show up?

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I have space mouse working in 2024, on my very secure work Mac.

The steps needed are not for the faint of heart, and I’m not going to paste them here. Cautiously go to this post, and follow the instructions:



BTW, just as a side comment, all this trouble plus other threads with more troubles on the “cutting edge” of Sonoma/M3/SU2024 pushed me to pursue the “trailing edge” path yet again in choosing to buy a “new old stock” M1 Max instead of a new M3. Hey, it’s still a step up from my 2016 Intel MBP that won’t support any version of Metal.

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It still a great machine. And FYI I had spacemouse working from day one in 24 on the M1 and Montery.


Ok I have a MacBook M1 Pro Sonoma 14.4.1 Exact same issue, I can only install 3dconnexion 10.7.0, anything newer I cannot install on my Mac. But it works fine with other programs - Zbrush - simplyfi3d - and SketchUp except skp 2024. In Application Support, I have tried copying SketchUp 2023 and renaming it to 2024, with the result that skp shuts down. So it might be that SketchUp 2024 has an issue.