3D Warehouse view

How is the default view set when uploading to the 3D Warehouse. I Have changed modified a couple of components and the view is set to view the part from the top. I will like to be able to set this view.

Set up the view as you would like, then save the file and upload

That is what I had thought, I set position the view as I would like to see it in the Warehouse but it always shows the top view. This has only just started? Has something changed?

Hi @cabinetpartspro. We will look into this issue on Monday and see if we can reproduce it. Thanks for the report.

I think if figured it out. I was downloading a component I had already uploaded. Made some changes the right clicked the selected to update the component. For it to work I have to download the component right click the component select save as. Set the view in the saved as file then go to the 3D Warehouse and select to upload a new file.

Thank you for looking into it. Please let me know if there is a better way or if you need more detail about what I am doing.

Thanks @cabinetpartspro for letting me know. You are doing what you need to do now correctly. I’ll go ahead and close this issue.