3d warehouse UI is messed up-- mouse pointer is in the wrong place

When I try to use the 3d warehouse, it pops up the window and it works sort of, but you have to know to position the mouse below and to the right of whatever you want to click or interact with and with painful trial and error you can maybe hit the right thing. Any idea what would cause that?


Do you get the same result if you open the 3D Warehouse in your internet browser?

Can you show a screenshot or animated gif of what you are seeing?

From your description it sounds like a graphics driver thing. What is the graphics card?

How does one open the 3D warehouse in a browser?

In the course of trying to record it I learned a bit and found a workaround. I am using a Dell Inspiron 7591, with built in NVIDIA GeForce MX250. I am using a 2 monitor setup, the small laptop screen and a 4k TV as a second screen. If I use the 3D warehouse window in the small screen it works as expected. If I drag it over to the TV it has the bad behavior.

I am not going to worry about it. Hopefully this post helps someone else who has the same thing.

A Google search or 3D Warehouse

I expect the MX250 isn’t able to deal with the TV’s resolution. Wouldn’t hurt to check the Nvidia site and get their latest drivers to install. Might not fix this but it won’t hurt anything.

That looks like a scaling issue, check this thread: