3d Warehouse supporting old file formats in the future

I am currently working with SketchUp Make 2016 and I’m often using parts from the 3D Warehouse in my projects.
I recently discovered that the newest SketchUp-free-thing is “web-based”.And I have also seen that file formats from “older” SketchUp versions are no longer available on the 3D Warehouse.
I really enjoy the concept of the 3D Warehouse and I would like to continue using it. Having thousands of models available is just great!
But the problem is that I don’t like “web-based” applications, like the newest SketchUp version.
Seeing the older file formats dissapear and the “future” beeing “web-based” I fear, that at some point, we won’t be able to actually download models from the warehouse, only to “import” them into the “web-based SketchUp application”.

So this is my question:
Should I now start downloading all the things from the 3D Warehouse that I might need in the next years or can I be sure that there will always be a option for people to download models from the warehouse and then work on them offline?

Because I don’t want to wake up one day and see that you can’t download from the Warehouse any more or that you have to be logged in to download. And I don’t want to be “forced” to use a web-based version of SketchUp if I want to use the Warehouse.

Thank you for reading this and for any replies!

3D Warehouse is for sharing models. SketchUp would be stupid if they used it to lock models away. Rather —and in addition to 3DWH downloads— you can even download files from within the web-based version of SketchUp.

The new web-based app and the spring-cleaning of old file formats (which happened last year) are two independent events.

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Thank you very much!

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